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in the 9th inning. he spiked his helmet and got ejected for the first time ever. today davey johnson talked about what happened to his rookie. >> bryce couldn't control his emotions. i had a little chat with him. he'll get over it. he's just a 100%er and he expects good things out of himself and he breaks bats, throws his helmet. he's just got to stop it, capitad for to be losing hum in a ball -- can't afford to be losing him in a ballgame with that. >> reporter: we just heard from davey about bryce. bryce admitted last night he needs to get a control on his temper a little. charlie, are you worried about that at all or he's a young guy? >> he's a young guy, 19 years old. he does everything full bore 100% and he knows that he's got to try and contain himself. davey said it's enough with the broken bats, the smashing of the helmets. this situation last night throwing the helmet right was a turn out of a beat of the umpire. the umpire is watching the mate and doesn't know if there was any -- plate and doesn't know if there was any intent and davey told us it cost us a chance for the 9th inni
marlins manager has got to be fuming tonight as his team gave up two leads to the nats. davey johnson looking on as his crew showing that classic fight all year round that they've been doing. bottom of the 6th, 5-3 marlins. adam larose taking matt burley tonight. matt cut the marlins' lead to 1. bottom of the 8th, game tied at 6. two outs for danny espinosa, and this one leaves the yard. whoo! three-run shot for espinosa. nats take a 9-6 lead. very next batter, danny espinosa watches as bryce harper, his moon shot, his tenth of the year, 6-run inning for the nats. 10-7 nats. tyler clipper in to close this one out. they're three games up. here's manager davey johnson. >> there's no give-up. if anything, they try too hard, you know. work too hard. that's the makeup of this ball club. it came roaring back and it was fun. really fun. >> really fun. over 24,000 taking in the last fan appreciation at redskins park when the training camp moves to richmond next year. the grind getting to the players as two altercations broke out. yesterday the first pre-season game against buffalo, it can't c
veteran players messed that up. >> davey johnson's honesty. >>> orioles and bluejays rained out today. will be made up september 24th, double header. o's acquired saunders from the diamondbacks. >>> skins make their first cuts in a matter of hours. they have tough decisions to make, especially wide receiver. we'll delve deeper and deeper after the break. this is the plan for back to school. introducing share everything, only from verizon. a shareable pool of data to power up to 10 different devices. add multiple smartphones to your plan, so everyone in your family can enjoy unlimited talk and text. the first plan of its kind. share everything. get your student a samsung galaxy nexus for $99.99. >>> welcome back. tomorrow by 4:00 p.m. the skins will have trimmed their roster down by 15 guys down. there's a log jam at one position in particular. we're talking about wide receiver. while most have been focused on that first team offense, a tight battle for a precious few spots continues. armstrong made his first catch of the preseason for 15 yards. banks continues returning kicks in the s
. >> it is no secret bryce harper struggled following the all- star break. davey johnson has done a good job resting him from time to time. today it paid off. harper pinch-hit yesterday. today he started, blasted a home run to become the fifth teenager in major league history to hit at least 12 in a season. he also hit his sixth triple to become the first team to match that since buddy lewis in 1936. gio gonzalez on the mound today for his 16th win, a team record. there's one over the wall to the left, third homer in the last six days, nats up 2-0. bottom 3, bryce harper hits one into the gap in right field. jayson werth scores all the way from first. bryce get his sixth triple that year. nationals have a 3-0 lead. next batter, ryan zimmerman hits it into left, bryce harper scores, nats now leading 4-0. bottom 5 harper again, this time he gets all of it, a solo shot, no. 12 on the year. nats win 5-2 taking the series from the mets. they are five games up on the braves. >> good bounce back game for us, just couldn't get the bats going yesterday, but today everything went good and that's how this tea
. >> that was davey on edwin jackson. meanwhile, the orioles taking on the tigers. bottom 1st, bases full of tigers. ground into the 6-4-3 double play. just like the nationals did for defensive battle. two on for the tigers. the orioles are still scoreless in the 6th. let's go to the top of the 7th. thank goodness for chris davis. he finally gets something going. davis goes to left field. that's a three-run home run. the orioles would hold on. they win 3-1. >> more baseball tonight. the red sox in new york to take on their rival, the new york yankees. top of the 1st, adrian gonzalez goes opposite field and this ball just over the wall. a two-run home run. sox up. nick tosses it to second and avoid curtis granderson. he misses it, still gets the tag and km pleats the double play. that is impressive. the red sox go on to win 4-1. they are only 4-7 this year against the yankees. >>> third round of the championship from greensboro, north carolina. you will not believe this shot. this is kim clark from the fairway on the 11th and watch the ball. it lands on the side of the green. keep an eye on it. goe
. the nationals are home for their road trip -- it from their road trip. davey johnson said he will be working on pitching plans for the stretch run. the players are getting some well deserved r &r. the most efficient pitching staff and they now start one of the most important stretches of the season. they play three against the mets, 3 against the braves. there is no real time to look ahead to the playoffs. >> last i checked we had about 44 games left. these ones we just came off the road, they are also important. my guys look at it that way. they are getting -- they have an eye on tomorrow. >> usa be to mexico with this goal in the 80th minute last night. it was their first win ever in mexico. 75 years of frustration. it was not just the goal -- usa soccer makes history. >> c.j. brown missed two years due to inj collarbone two years ago and now he has the a see l. it will appeal to the ncaa. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i think mitt romney's really out of touch with the average woman's health issues... this is not the 1950s. contraception is so important to w
into left field. brian howard comes in to score. the phillies would win at 4-2. after words davey johnson talks losing two big bats tonight. >> it changes the game a little bit. we just did not get it done. you move onto another day. clucks it was the chris davis show. runs in threehome straight at bats. the first to do so since 2006. baltimore wins 6-4. the redskins cannot go all the to new orleans without getting some lot here at home. they held the welcome home lunch andeon. some service members in the audience as well. fred davis was honored as the offensive player in -- of the year. new andd about the improved roster. >> we realize how much talent we have. a young team. believe me. wanted to come back to things thecause of organization was able to do from a creative standpoint. brought a lot of excitement robert as a quarterback. >> you can expect talent tomorrow. the mystics had a rough night. shot 53% of the field the first half alone. 81-69 the final. -- the dream shot 53%. -- lance armstrong's charity saw a big spike, about $78,000.10 day. >> one positive he can look to. >> we wi
. afterwards, davey johnson, a pitcher who is battling 243. >> any pitcher, especially a young pitcher, really inning. and got to the first two and three innings. he was come for the-- comfortable with what he's going to do. >> and when we shut him down, could we keep his bat? highly unlikely. >> come on davey. >> this afternoon, bark at the park. the rays is hosting the orioles. this dog is sporting his joe madden black framed glasses. elliot johnson lays down. what looks like a perfect bunt. look at the bare hand grab, for the out. that's the defensive play of the game. move to the top of the 10th. still scoreless. he rips one to the gap and left center. off the wall it will go. and that's the only run of the game. orioles shut the rays 1-0. baltimore shuts out of the ser -- series. they extend their franchise record. >>> game week for the red scibs. they -- redskins. practice wednesday and thursday. number one, thurgs in buffalo-- thursday in buffalo. the only opportunity is monday at 3:00 p.m. luckily many fans were out yesterday for fan appreciation day. >>> 24,650 fans to be exact. they
in miami after losing their fourth straight game in philadelphia yesterday. davey johnson and mike rizzo got into a heated exchange which ended with davey yelling why don't you come down and manage this team? yikes. >>> how about them o's in the first of four against the white sox. the first homer of the season and o's are up 1 -0. bottom 8 they're down 3-works but here comes nate mclouth, a recent pickup and looking like a pretty good pickup, his second home run as an oriole. they go up 4-3. so in baltimore the bird is the word. >>> day one at u.s. open, american donald young in the near court facing top seeded wimbledon champ roger federer, young just 3-21, well, make that 3-22, gets ripped by fed with the forehand pass right there and this was an easy three setter for federer. >>> how about your olympic gold medal standing murray, no trouble with alex bolomoldov jr. they are cruising the top seeds so far at the u.s. open. shawn yancy back to wrap up the edge in a moment. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. introducing share everything, only from verizon
returning to the bigs on july 16. davey johnson the rest of the stuff, ready for the road. >> every day can affect and we got through the day just the way i wanted to. i've had to double up and triple up on guys. that's what i worry about. >> worry about the braves though. bottom of the second david ross unleashes a solo shot to right field. that's way up there with the fans above the wall. 1-0. bottom of the 7th. refuses to retire. doubles down deep in hayward wins 6-1. well, first off is big $100 million contract. hall of fame game. first quarter, on the one yard run. 7-0. second quarter then he tosses a little four-yard blood pressurer pass, 17-7 they win it 17-7. >> as we reported earlier there were some tragic news. sandy reid's oldest son was found dead at the training facility. the team called off all meetings and several players tweeted their condolences. a cause of death has not yet been determined. he has strugwled drug abuse in the past. nascar now switching gears literally racing at pock no an accident sparks from jimmy johnson's car. johnson
a dispute with davey johnson and that gm afterwards. roger clemens promised when gay but judging by his performance, he might hit the amount of some more. he fanned the first batter he faced. many believe this is the first step in an attempt to return to the big leagues at 50. why not? the seattle seahawks cut their wide receiver today and the dolphins traded their hometown guy to the colts for a second round and conditional late peaked -- a late pick. >> breaking news. >> as we move through the evening hours the heavier rain will come to an end close to the chesapeake bay and we look for temperatures falling into the '60s. tomorrow around 87 degrees. a few afternoon showers may pop up as a cold front -- as a cold front approaches from the west. we may see the remnants of isaac toward the end of the week. if you have travel plans to new orleans, you may want to check them and make some alternative plans. they are now under a hurricane warning and the storm is in spec -- it storm is expected to intensify to a category 2 hurricane. it marks a seven-year anniversary of katrina.
four straight now. they may or may not be in panic time mode. you can decide that. davey johnson reacts to his team's defeat today. >> plus rg3, andrew luck, who won round 1? we'll hear from both quarterbacks coming up next in sports. >>> now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sport in town. sports in town. >> in what's becoming a reversal of roles the washington nationals went into philadelphia looking to maintain their division and the phillies got to play the role of spoiler. jordan zimmerman on the mound looking for his 10th win of the season, bottom 5 phillies up 1- 0, jimmy rollins at the plate. he adds two more with that shot 361 feet over the right field wall. an inning later tom gorzelanny in to pitch, phillies up 4-0. cliff lee solid today. he allowed seven hits in seven innings striking out five. he allowed one run off a tyler moore r.b.i. double. phillies win, 4-1 the final. >> don't underestimate this ballclub. they got a fine ballclub over here. they came in and had a little momentum going their way and we got a little banged up. it happens. >> so a rough weekend for t
things easy for our nationals. davey johnson and the boys were hoping to shake that two-game losing streak up in philadelphia. top of the fifth bases loaded. this is steve lomb barr dozi taking roy halladay down the middle. espinoza. suzuki waved home as well. the throw from the center fielder john mayberry not in time. suzuki ties the game at 2. mayberry gets his revenge an inning later. bottom sixth, gio gonzalez facing mayberry, and this is no longer a tie game. gio knew it on contact. a solo shot for mayberry. and the phillies take the lead. top nine, jonathan papelbon in to close it out. and that is unfortunately exactly what he does. gets danny espinoza swinging to end the game. phillies win it 4-2. the final game of this series tomorrow afternoon. it will be jordan zimmerman facing cliff lee. >>> orioles and blue jays. former o and yankee great mike mussina added to the o's' hall of fame. fans were loving that and they would love this perhaps even more. bottom five tied at 2, two on for adam jones and this one's going to shallow left. in comes nick markakis and j.j. hardy. th
coming up, davey johnson says good to have a big time player back. >> with desmond back i mean he's a big threat right behind the five-hole hitter and i have variable options. i can do a lot of things. >> reporter: six big games for the nats. they can put some separation between them and the rest of the nl east. back to football, we'll be back in our 7:00 hour and give you one last update as the ravens and lions get set to kick off preseason game 2. tonight we'll have highlights at 11:00 and tomorrow we'll be talking redskins as well. for now we're at m&t bank stadium, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the cbs evening news is next. anita will see you at 7:00. have a great weekend.
washington nationals manager davey johnson. he says pitching ace stephen strasburg probably has two or three starts left before he'll be shut down for the season all because of his tommy johns surgery last year. what do you think about that? >> let's take a love look outside. topper will be here with your -- a live look outside. topper will be here with your full forecast. >> plus thousands pack london's olympic stadium. they're watching some of the world's most courageous athletes. we're back to tell you about them after this. >>> this virginia rest stop brought to you by geico. the insurance giant is now the official sponsor of of rest area in the commonwealth, governor bob mcdonnell making the big announcement this morning. the move brings in 2 million bucks for the state, but there may be a little lizard or something in the bathroom. >>> tens of thousands of people are packing london's olympic stadium. it is the summer paralympic games. more than 200 americans are competing, philadelphia native armando mcgrory will race in her wheelchair out for gold. she won four medals in beijing. >> t
, young, 19 and airmails that throw to home, ouch. got talked to by davey johnson after the game. don't miss the cutoff man. top of the 2nd, ross detwiler and look at ryan zimmerman, a heck of a throw and gets the out. everything changes in the bottom of the 4th, still 2 -0. michael morse beast mode, op field, grand salami, yeah, his third of his career, 12th home run of the year, 4-2 nats at this point and then bryce harper will make amends for airmailing that throw with his home run right here. he had been 3 for 32 on the last road trip, not any longer, two-run shot, 11th of the year. nats return home, defeat the mets 6-4 and morse continues to earn the respect of his teammates. >> just trying to make the team, comes out a huge year last year, get hurt, comes back right where he left off. it's been a pretty good story for him so far. hopefully we can keep it going. >> sometimes the celebration hurts as you can see there. >>> the o's in detroit against the tigers, bottom 5, johnny perreault arks the grounder. look at manny machado. is he out? he's called out and the tigers go nuts.
company. as a private company they can have whatever view they want. we live in america. >> davey saying the controversy is foul. the playor shoumayor should not office to control business practices in their city. >> it could hurt employees as well. >> we will keep hearing a lot about this through out the day. >> the time is about 4 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up the wedding vows apparently not all that exciting for this flower girl what she tried to do to pass the time. >> oh. can you figure out this word of the day? stick around for the answer we will tell you what it is coming up in just a few minutes. >> let's take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. and a good for daniel rodriguez who received the purple heart after serving in afghanistan and iraq. cleared to join the clemson football team. good for him. and the bad has never been so cute. >> in just a moment. >> a young flower girl who decided to take a nap right behind the bride and groom at the wedding. they are eventually skipping her off. and finally the ugly.
between davey johnson, the manager of the club, and mike rizzo, the general manager, within earshot of reporters. one play neither one liked is adam laroche involved in a very bizarre play. jayson werth on second. it looks like he hits a home run to center field, right? but it bounces off the railing. that means the ball is still in play. so they thought the ball was out. they're casually going around the bases. laroche tagged out between second and third. a video replay upheld the call. that's their fourth straight loss. after the game, davey johnson not pleased one bit with the effort. >> this is a game you never take anything for granted. two players took it for granted the ball was out. you i know, i asked laroche, what were you thinking? he said, i was going for three. i7d, you weren't going very fast. >> i got a little confused coming around second, i saw jayson, and i was going to try to go this irthird. he came back, and just -- >> four games in a row, not the end of the world. the nats getting back at it tomorrow. >>> you guys remember a couple years ago, dan snyder, the re
minutes once again at 5:24. back to you mike and andrea. >>> nationals manager davey johnson shared the best suggestion he's gotten, what to do with stephen strasburg. >> plus, the nats aren't the only washington team in a playoff chase. d.c. united highlights are coming up in sports. >> the question of the daytime now, once again people 25 to 55 years old are now the fastest growing group at doing this activity. is it a, piano lessons, b, online gambling, or c, attending nascar events. >> funny response from morgan wrote, i pray to any and all gods that the answer isn't c. nascar is a perfect waste of gas and tires and right hand turns. mike, you said they only make left hand turns. >> be right back. >>> 5:21 on this thursday morning. pretty nice out there. get out and take a walk this morning before work or before you leave because it is a gorgeous morning, especially north and west where temperatures are near 60. we're still 71 in town. lunch time looks fine -- or 9:00 looks final. low 70s. even lunch looks pretty good as we get to 84. we may just pop the isolated shower or storm
, snags that comebacker. gonzalez is pumped but he's not done yet. davey johnss in the ninth. two runners on. watch this, though. sit down, boy. gonzalez throws his second career complete game and the nats win 4-3. >>> orioles hosting seattle. steve johnson making his first start. he is the son of dave johnson. top of the first he gets him swinging. bottom of the first. runners on the corners. j.j. hardy and adam jones come around to score. orioles go on to win that one 9-2. johnson picked up his first major league win. >>> talking football now now the kins in buffalo preparing for their first pre-season game. a lot of eyes on rg3 but there are hopes on the other side of the ball. jim haslett wants some love. >> we want to go out and win every game. doesn't mean if it is preseason or regular season. i hope when the first group goes out and the second group there is no drop off and the third group goes out and still no drop off. i know the guys are excited about the game. i'm looking forward to going up there. >> let's hope it works out well. you know what i'm trying to say. news4 is your
they've homered. here is davey johnson on morse's injuries. >> x-rays were negative. he's got a bad bruise, but hopefully he'll be all right in a few short days. >>> the orioles at home hosting the toronto blue jays. bottom of the 2nd bases empty for chris davis. he goes yard to right field. this game was tied 1-1. bottom of the 4th, davis up again at the plate and again he connects to right for another solo shot. 2-2 so far. orioles lead 2-1. bottom of the 6th. can davis do it again? yes and no. he does go yard but this time it's not to right. davis becomes the first oriole since nick markakis in 2006 to hit three home runs in one game. the birds win this one 6-4. >>> coming up after the break it's no. 1 versus no. 2 tomorrow at fedex field and the top two draft picks are downplaying the hype. stay with us. >>> happy birthday to mike shanahan. the redskins third year head coach turned 60 years young today. it was announced at the team's annual welcome home luncheon this afternoon, but the big story is tomorrow's third preseason game featuring rg3 versus andrew luck. with the redski
getting nervous trying to end the five- game slide in miami. >> reporter: no need to panic. davey johnson hoping the nats can split this two-game sees. bryce harper with a blast to right field, a two-run shot. the nats have a 2-0 lead. >> reporter: but young bryce far from done, up again and again. he goes deep right field his second home run on the night, 14th of the year. nats are cruising at this point up 5 -0. >> reporter: sometimes when you have so much good, there has to be a little bad. in the 8th harper would lose his control, grounds to first. they turn the double play and harper slams his helmet and gets ejected by the first base umpire. the nationals hold on to win, 8- 4 the fine pall. the orioles lose 8-1 -- final. the orioles lose 8-1 to the white sox. >>> in new york in soccer duane delsario gets the goal. unlimited talk. unlimited text. tap into a single pool of shareable data and add up to 10 different devices, including smartphones and tablets. the first plan of its kind. share everything. only from verizon. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid
the throw, tosses his helmet, he is tossed. davey argues to no avail. harper tossed but the nats win 8-4, snapping the losing streak. >>> and d.c. united ties the new york red bulls 2-2. still trying to clinch a playoff spot in mls soccer. the redskins finish up the pre-season on a high note but it is just the preseason. >> when do they start? >> the regular season? >> yeah. >> they start the regular season the exact date i think is september 9th in new orleans, ironically. the superdome not supposed to be damaged. maybe doug kammerer can roll by to check things out there.
first multihome run game and then gets ejected. here's davey this afternoon on the kid. >> it's just part of his personality. everything he does is kind of full bore. you know, i mean, he's not going to lay the helmet down, just like he's not going to jog to first. but, you know, i think -- i look at things happen for the best. you can -- that needs to be nipped in the bud, because it could cost us a ball game. >> we would rather have full bore rather than half you know what. >>> zach britain looking good on the mound. how about a career high ten strikeouts, gets adam dunn, but adam dunn strikes out all the time. bottom three, adam jones likes to crush a lot. he'sing doing that all season long, 26th home run of the year, o's one 5-3. they start a three will have game series with the yankees in new york tomorrow night. >>> talking football now, the final preseason game lacked starters and it lacked drama, but iffed redskins can put the same product on the field during the regular season, we would be in business. last night the skins looked good on both sides of the ball. jim hazlett h
and you can see why. nats win fifth time in six games. here davey johnson. >> everything conceivable that could go wrong went wrong. he stepped on up and then went over to the catcher. he was able to hold on. enough about this game. >> getting on to the next one. time for your olympic spoiler alert. the point in our show where -- don't say anything. i'm going to stop talking, i promise. you do not want to note results of the events at the olympics, then look away. this is your final warning. enjoy the music. >> all right. there we go. there's your results. earlier today usa women taking on canada in the basketball quarterfinals. the u.s. up 22. they give it to sue bird. foul. ter the u.s. will face australia in the semifinals on thursday. good for them. and back out here at redskins park. first preseason game in sight. >> i'm still here. >> he's heckling. a quick walk through in the morning. and then they're going to travel to buffalo. of course, we're all waiting to see what happens under the stadium lights. >> you're so cute. >> in a couple of days. >> not too much pressure on thos
davey florida is one of the doctors in the docs vs glocks dr. bernard wollschlaeger who is president of the family physicians association. welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you very much governor for inviting me. >> jennifer: you bet. what was your reaction when you heard that florida law made it illegal to ask about gun ownership? >> well, i was stunned because it appeared to me like a paper i once graded for one of my students that they totally missed the topic. it's not about that we as doctors want to prohibit patients to own a gun, we as doctors want to know they manage their guns safely at home. so we were surprised and stunned. >> jennifer: what does it say about the power, for example of the nra? >> well first of all, governor i'm a gun owner myself. i exercise my second amendment, i have a concealed weapons permit. i own three guns i carry a 38 with me if i have to. so i was stunned that the nra would even take it up because it was a classic first amendment issue. so obviously this was a solution looking for a problem. somebody had already made legi
they're having fun. the mets and braves heading to town, davey johnson says his guys are ready to go for this critical stretch. >> the rough pack was two months. we were alternates banged up and we're getting healthy and getting into the fun part of the year. and these guys are playing for it. >> these guys asked him when's harper? he's coming. >>> last night, for mark reynolds rips this one deep to left. carl crawford is running it down, chris davis will hustle home right here. come on, chris, now, can davis score? the play at the plate is way safe. bottom nine, jim johnson in to close it out. he hammered it to third. here he is with the hammer. the dive grab ends the game. are we sure that this kid is a rookie? the orioles win this one 5-3. >>> to the pitch, usa versus mexico. last night friendly play turned shocking. brick shay with the ball, charges the box, nice pass to terrence boyd, back-heels it, advi advice cal, cue the obnoxious fan. make us proud. 89th minute, mexico seeking the equalizer. the header, what a save by tim howard. and for the first time, guys in 75 years, 25
and spew -- >> this is coors light. >> we're just hanging out in our man cave. >> that's davey. that's not us. we're not that gross. >> we're going to talk about the battle of the sexes. >> this is cool. there are a lot of guys looking for work and they're all schlubby. >> they're looking for chicks like us. >> and they're all getting a makeover. we'll have a complete makeover. >> our guys are here. we love our guys tell-all panel. ryan, chuck, rick, and remember this guy bob is here, remember from "the bachelor"? >> he got married. >> but it didn't work out. >> that's a shame. welcome, bob. >> thank you. >> we're so glad you're here. >> hey, half of them don't, bob. >> one out of two, bob. my first one didn't -- hoda's first -- we're all in this together, all right? >> are you comfy? by the way, i get why guys sit in these easy chairs and eat funyuns. >> i understand how you get in them, but i don't know how you get out. these are unbelievable. they are ugly as sin, but i like them. >> and you've got your frank gifford shirt on? >> i wouldn't show up with anything but my frank giffo
-0 was the final, but they have a four-game lead over atlanta in the nl east because atlanta lost. here is davey johnson on his pitcher, edwin jackson. >> he had a good slider. he had a good curve ball. he had, best pitch was moving fastball. it was throwing hard and it was, i mean, it was better sinker than i've seen. i mean, the good left-handed hitters were swinging right over it. >> the orioles in detroit taking on the tigers. we'll start in the bottom of the 1st. zach gets johnny to ground into the 6-4-3 double play. just like the nats game, this was a defensive battle. another double play turn by hardy. and the o's still scoreless in the 6th. so we go to the top of the 7th. this is chris davis up. two on, and he gets something going. he goes yard to left, that is a three-run blast and the orioles would hold on to win 3-2. and coming up, an update from chicago, dave ross is out there with the redskins. it is not been a pretty night. they are losing right now 30- 10. it's been a good learning experience because he wasn't challenged a whole lot in that first game. he has had to scramble, he
of the nationals rotation. the manager davey johnson says he's just focused on today and tomorrow, getting the best out of his ace while he can. he got six more solid innings from strasburg last night. a matinee rubber match in san francisco. we pick it up in the top of the 3rd. game tied till danny espinoza rockets one to the deepest part of the park, his 13th of the year. nats take a lead. strasburg helped keep it that way. he gave up just four hits striking out seven batters. he picks up his 14th win of the season. nats take this one 6-4. >> for the first time in major league baseball, three pitchers have thrown a perfect game in one season. the latest one comes from seattle's felix hernandez. he was a king yesterday delivering a perfect game complete with 12 strikeouts against the tampa bay rays. it's the first ever perfect game for the seattle franchise. >> university of maryland suffers a major injury. quarterback cj brown who finished last season as the starter will miss the entire season after tearing his acl. this is a big blow to the terps hopes of improving on a two-win season. brown rac
-hour rain delay on sunday. 56-minute rain delay on monday. enough is enough. maybe this is davey john s.o.p.'s plan to conserve stephen strasburg's innings. just wash his games away. unfortunately for atlanta he did pitch last night. how much reaction time do you have to hit a strasburg 98 mile an hour football? don't ask atlanta because they couldn't figure it out. there's the 50-minute rain delay from last night. when strasburg came back, 10-ks in six innings for strasburg. the nats 27 hlg 12 since the all -- 27-12 since the all-star break. if he stays on track, he'll reach 170 innings on september 19. by the way, a very important game. los angeles dodgers in town. the regular season ends october 3. >>> second most productive back in redskins history is calling it quits. clinton portis will announce his retirement thursday. he's known for his antics in the locker room. he was a heck of a player. finally what's going on up in maryland. they claim another knee injury. first of course cj brown. now kenny tate. he injured his knee yesterday. he's being evaluated to see how serious that is
. davey johnson happy to win the series, but not with last night's loss. >> you know, we played hard. you know, and we had the right people up at the right time. >> and the o's trying to win their series last night, but the rangers had other ideas. bases loaded, and he's going yard. when the bases are loaded, that means a grand slam. they're one of the best, and it's because they can rank. may i have another? a two-run shot for beltre, second of the inning, third of the game. the rangers score nine in the fourth, they go on to win 12-3 over baltimore. the o's at home hosting toronto tomorrow night at camden yards. >> you think chipper jones is first ballot? >> oh, yeah. no doubt. >> hell of a career. >> hell of a career. >> he's made his choice. but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in ca
division, when they won the pant against the braves, and davey johnson won in the left. >> rose: are you a huge sports fan where did that come from your father. >> my father. my father said he was the greatest athlete ever. there is no footage of this. but he said he was a five-- in high school at least. >> rose: i have forgotten, was he a musician. >> he is a musician, jazz musician. he played point guard in basketball, a quarterback, centerfielder, quarterback in football. i mean he said he did everything. the reason why i'm a film make certificate because of my father and my mother. i mean they-- just the immersion of not just me, my siblings also, we were immersed in the arts growing up. i mean my father at one point was the go to folk bassist. he play for bob dylan, peter, paul an mary, judy collins, odetta, he would go on and on and on. he was the guy, all nothing old records is him playing bass on it. >> rose: do you believe that that is the game you get a chance to do your thing, you got a shot. >> you got a shot. >> that's all you want. >> you want a shot. >> i mean if you are n
what so his son? he says, deary arol -- arlow davey. >> this is a letter i wish everyone can see. >> we'll show it on the screen if you want to read it. >> it's a -- it's a difficult letter to read because there's no punctuation and it's almost -- as i read it, i see it almost as a -- like a song. i mean, it's a strange letter. but he's telling his son not to complain because human frailty is our condition. and don't complain about any troubles you have. everybody has problems. >> is that his way of writing or speaking? i mean -- >> it's the way that most of his letters are like this. and i -- apparently and it seems as his disease got worse, they became more like this. and you do see the handwriting that's jerky and jagged. but it's also the way that he was. it's more of a -- it became almost a caricature as this became more and more with this faithyful, joyedful. >> did you ever find letters back to the father or mother in these situations? >> yes. >> but you didn't include those? >> i didn't. >> why not? >> because the problem was, there was so much material, so it was really a quest
the stories of entrepreneurs who have made it. i mean, it ain't -- >> what about singing davey crocket like he did in tennessee. ♪ born on a mountaintop >> i will say this really quickly about romney. we were watching in new hampshire his speech -- >> in the primary? >> in the primary. and we were impressed. everybody in the room said, my god, this guy may have it. he looked that way when he launched ryan. he had a good day or two there. >> and they separated. >> and they said he was pretty good in new hampshire. this guy may end up being a little bit stronger. i'll just put it on a maybe. i may be underestimating his potential. >> well, we'll see. the thing that everybody remembers from 2008 is both barack obama and hillary clinton throughout that long primary, every tuesday they both raised their game every tuesday. and they both were -- so that by the time -- and each speech was better than the last for each of them. by the end you knew whether braush or hi-- barack obama or hillary clinton -- >> romney, he needs to spell out a big positive vision for the country, he needs to draw contras
or not pulled? >> i will leave that up to davey johnson. i am concerned about this five- game losing streak. the braves had a losing streak, and now the nationals have been losing. i hope they can handle prosperity. >> thank you for the conversation. thank you so much. [applause] have a good convention. thank you, leader mitch mcconnell. now we will welcome the former governor of mississippi, haley barbour. [applause] having a word with the leader. we will let them check. good morning, governor. very kind of you. welcome to "politico" playbook breakfast. welcome our lives stream and c- span audience out there. you were in the hall last night. >> i was. >> we are grateful to have you. what was it like in the hall? >> high-energy. i thought the feel of the place changed when ann romney came on. i had expected it, but it was clear. >> how much can she help? >> millions watched on tv knowing what we all know, a wife knows more about her husband than anyone else in the world times 10, and i thought she in a very easy-spoken way gave people a view into what the values, the views, the religion, th
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